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HFSWR - High Frequency Surface Wave Radar for long range surveillance and ocean remote sensing 
HFSWR is a long range radar technology for Over the Horizon (OTH)  detection and tracking on the ocean for surface targets, low flying targets and for ocean remote sensing.  The technology is applied to tasks in maritime surveillance, EEZ surveillance, fisheries enforcement, counter-smuggling, oceanographic research and other maritime issues.
What We Do
Northern Radar is an all Canadian company established in 1989......making 2019 our 30th anniversary! 

Northern Radar specializes in systems, subsystems, antennas, as well as installation and maintenance for High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR).  Our primary areas are antenna design and manufacturing, and ocean remote sensing, compact HFSWR systems, on-site installation and maintenance.  Northern is a participant in a new Canadian consortium which is providing HFSWR systems for long range offshore surveillance of the Exclusinve Economic Zone (EEZ).  These systems are a mature design and have proven capabilities to detect and track surface targets to over 200 nautical miles.

We are located in the city of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  Newfoundland is an island surrounded by the harsh North Atlantic Ocean, where extremes of high winds (gale to hurricane force) and high sea states (7-12 Beaufort scale) are a regular occurrance.  Seasonally, the waters around Newfoundland are infested with icebergs and sea-ice carried from the far north with the cold Labrador current.  The extreme salty conditions in coastal locations, subject products to significant corrosion.  Our location on the most eastern coast of Canada is ideal for proving the durability and survivability of our systems and products.

Northern Radar has its own in-house R&D capabilities, design team and manufacturing for all our products.

· HFSWR is High Frequency Surface Wave Radar
· HFSWR is for long rangeocean surveillance 
·Tracks surface targets to > 200 mile range 
· HFSWR is also for Ocean Remote Sensing
· Can map vector surface currents and sea state
· Northern Radar is a Canadian pioneer in HFSWR 

Antennas & Site Construction
Northern Radar has developed specialized expertise in antenna systems for HFSWR.  These antennas are extremely rugged and durable and are manufactured in our own facilities.  They have been installed in many sites worldwide and are proven to withstand very harsh climates and conditions.  Antennas are available for large "low-band" HFSWRs and other frequencies.
Ocean Remote Sensing
Northern Radar can provide remote sensing capabilities to HFSWR systems including vector surface current measurements and sea state measurements.  Surface wind measurements are being developed.  The company has also provided iceberg detection services to customers in the offshore oil industry.
HFSWR Systems
Northern Radar builds antenna subsystems, interface subsystems, and provides onsite installation.  We provide turnkey antenna systems for HFSWR systems incluing the on-site installation and maintenance services.   Part of a Canadian consortium building long range surveillance HFSWR for EEZ  coverage (to > 450km range )We are also developing  compact HFSWR systems for ocean remote sensing, range capable to >100 km.

March 2018 
Paper published by Northern Radar staff and Memorial University staff in IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine - Special Issue on HF Surface Wave Radar.

"Design and implementation of a high-frequency software-defined radar for coastal ocean applications" by Khalid El-Darymli ; Noah Hansen ; Barry Dawe ; Eric W. Gill ; Weimin Huang 

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